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Portrait Order Form for Your School/Kindergarten Orders will be collected on Date to be arranged Parents Full Name Child s Name Street Address Suburb Telephone Number Cellphone Email Address By placing your email address here you are agreeing to receiving emails from Inspire Photography Ltd Size 1 Copy only 3 copies or over of the same photo at the same size 12 each B. 12. 5cm x 20cm 7. 5x5inches C. 20cm x 30cm D. 24. 5cm x 37cm 10x15inches 30 each Group Photograph AM or PM Not Available size...
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Hey everyone this is Debra, and I'm super excited to put together this little video that isn't all shaky and blurry and let you see the latest information on this order form that we're working on, so this is the one that I put together with my husband and he kind of went through the specs with me, I told him exactly what I wanted, and it was he rocked this out it's amazing, and I wanted to share this information with you guys so first off mine's going to come up with a security warning I left this up here for purposes for later on to document this for people, but the security alert is any macro it depends on or your settings are in office I left my sum HFR lose in, so I'll keep that up, and it's just a simple enable this content from there you can, we've added a play button up here on top it could be on top it could be down below, but there will be a play button attached with the save and the preview this is very similar if you think about Photoshop with your use actions that kind of mentality you push play you step through it please input their company's name my company's name is the Texas photographer, so I'm going to type that in and then select ok from there I'm going to go in and select what files I need where the path is for it depends on your workflow why you put things now I'm only going to select a few because I don't want this to be 13 pages of us sitting here on a video, but it's up that you could select all of them it's totally fine and then from there you're going to see the import images with a button that pops up it has an ok button you don't have to push a thing it does it for you when it's done it's going to come up with another window here shortly, and it's going to ask you for the percentage of sales tax there it is please input your state sales tax info and be sure to include the percentage at the end minus eight point two five other states other cities might be different so know what it is for yours before putting it in and say ok and what it does is it feels it in right here next one is image compression would you like to compress all images let me explain that my workflow I to the last export is a full rest JPG, so these are big files that come into this or document I don't want to save all of that in the document so by saying yes it's allowing word to compress these images and that's what I want the next step that instantly brings up a save as, so you don't write over this template, and then you type in what you want I'm just going to do a save example dot for now also I want you to see save as type it instantly brings it up as word 97 to two or three documents there's a drop-down select the one that is most beneficial to you, I have war 2007, so I was like that and do a save and there it says it and that is it you'll see up here you've got the header that tells you to print order form with your company name and the today's date at the very bottom of the footers you're going to have page 1 through whatever you have each...
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